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Below are the projects undertaken by Hem – Jagiri, India, with significant support from the founding members of HEM Ashram Foundation Inc., and like-minded donors from the U S A. and India.

Pond & Well

HEM Ashram is located in the mountainous region of Dharampur, near Valsad. HEM serves the needs of underprivileged children of Jagiri and the surrounding tribal villages. This region has typically good rain, but most of the water flows away because of poor drainage controls. As a result, we face water issues for four to five months during summer. We supplement our needs by buying water, delivered in tankers. Last year with the financial help of some good Samaritans, we dug one pond to store rainwater. Stored water is used for eco-friendly/organic farming on our land. 

With our friends in the USA and India, we managed to build one well nearby. Furthermore, water pumps, water filtration systems, storage tanks, and pipes will be installed shortly, to bring and distribute water to the campus.

Septic System

We just completed building three new toilets, five washrooms and eight urinals. We also repaired old toilets and installed a new septic system, this includes gray water harvesting for farming.

Hem Ashram toilet and septic tank 3
Hem Ashram toilet and septic tank2

Desks in All Classrooms

Children from HEM Ashram sat on the ground and studied all these years. This year we bought the desks for all the classrooms so that they can study comfortably.

Water Tanks

To fetch water from the newly constructed well and to disperse water to every building of the campus including the kitchen area, three water tanks, each with the capacity of 3000 liters of water were installed.

Water Tanks
Water Tanks2
Water Tanks3

New Bathrooms & Renovate Old Bathrooms

For the last 13 years, Children at HEM Ashram had inadequate toilets and bathrooms. That changed this year when we renovated the existing six toilets and constructed seven new toilets, five bathrooms, and eight urinals.

New Beds for Kids

Children at HEM Ashram come from really poor rural households. They never had the privilege of sleeping on the bed. We only had beds for half of the children so we got forty-five new beds built.

New Beds for Kids
New Beds for Kids1

Added a Library – with local support

With the help of Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust and Dr. Parviz Batliwalla Foundation, Mumbai, HEM – Jagiri set up a new library for the school. The library nowhas more than 400 books and some toys for the younger kids to enjoy.

Library – with local support3
Library – with local support2

Boundary Wall and Gate – labor provided by the school staff

For the past 13 years, there have been no gates at the main entrance and only a partial boundary wall. We finally have the funding this year to enhance the boundary walls and install proper gates for the campus. This will stop trespassers and provide safety for the kids and the staff, especially at night.

Boundary Wall and Gate

Solar Lights

Since HEM Ashram is in a rural area frequent power cuts are normal there. To resolve the issue and to have some light available all the time we installed six solar lights in the campus.

Solar Lights
Boundary Wall and Gate

Kitchen Stoves

To improve the facilities we provided stoves for the kitchen staff. Now it takes less time to prepare the rotis. Washbasins in the washing area are helping the kids to maintain hygiene.

Kitchen Stoves
Kitchen Stoves2

Water Harvesting and Drainage System

The area where HEM Ashram is located gets a significant amount of rainwater during the monsoon season, but most of it drains away quickly. We are implementing basic techniques to “stop, spread, and allow to soak-in place” the rainwater around us. We are collecting roof runoff water and collecting it in tanks, above and below ground. A large underground tank has also been constructed on the campus. With proper drainage and collection systems, we will be able to store water for consumption during the dry season. Additionally, with a new well and a pond in place, hopefully, we will not need to buy tanker water in the future.

Improve Staff Quarters

HEM Ashram has five families (teachers, aids, and wardens) staying on the campus, helping look after the kids during and after school hours. We have vastly improved their living quarters with basic amenities

Stock the Medical Clinic

A room has been improved and set aside for “HEM Jyoti Clinic”, a small walk-in clinic, manned by a staff nurse and voluntary visiting doctors This clinic has been instrumental in providing basic first aid and free medical facilities to the kids and the villagers. We have been soliciting medicines and supplies, a constant demanding task, so that more needy people, from the rural communities, can be accommodated and served.

Medical Clinic

Water Purifier

Clean drinking water is essential to life. Every rainy season many children got sick due to contaminated drinking water. Therefore; we decided to do something about it and provide a water purifier so that children at HEM Jagiri can have access to clean, reliable and adequate drinking water round the clock.

Water Purifier